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Environment Pledge

I pledge to be partners in conducting environmental friendly operations to undertake certain specific actions mentioned below:
  • STATIONERY & OTHER PUBLICITY MATERIAL ON RECYCLED PAPER: We will introduce the use of recycled paper for our stationery and other publicity items such as brochures, menu cards, etc. and establish a recycling programme.
  • POLYTHENE BAGS: We will convert wherever possible from the use of polythene bags to paper bags, cloth bags and other alternatives.
  • ALTERNATE SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR FUEL: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar heating and lighting etc. to reduce the use of thermal electricity.
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL: We will introduce the system of separating recyclable and non-recyclable garbage emanating from our operations and dispose non-biodegradable garbage in a responsible way, so as not to harm the local environment.
  • PLANTATION OF SAPLINGS: We will encourage plantation of saplings and greening of the local environment.
  • ALTERNATE USE OF FUELS: We will limit the burning of firewood and use alternate sources of fuel for both cooking and heating.
  • USE OF LOCAL ETHNIC MATERIALS IN CONSTRUCTION OF PROPERTIES: In keeping with the local landscaping, we will incorporate architectural styles typical to the area, thus blending harmoniously with the local environment.
  • EMPLOYMENT OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Wherever possible, we will use local employment for our business to enhance the economy of our area.
  • EMPLOYMENT OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Wherever possible, we will use local employment for our business to enhance the economy of our area.

DO'S AND DONT'S in a wildlife sanctuary

The Forest is a hallowed temple of life. Respect it. Revere it and help protect it.
  • Obtain permission before entering a Park or Sanctuary and take a guide/naturalist and observe all rules.
  • Drive very slowly for this way you will hear, observe and enjoy the most without disturbing the animals in any way.
  • Maintain a reasonable distance from all animals. Anything closer than "the critical distance" will make them flee or attack.
  • Listen to the jungle orchestra instead of transistors and tape recorders.
  • Don't be disappointed if you don't see the tiger, the jungle is an undiscovered world of small yet beautiful mammals, birds, insects and plants.
  • Dress in neutral colours that blend with the forests - khakis, browns and olive green is ideal.
  • "Wild animals have right of way"
  • Guns are taboo.

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Himalayan Environment Trust

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Himalayan Environment Trust

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