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In the wake of increasing degradation of some of the Himalayan areas due to unprecedented growth in the number of visitors, the Himalayan Environment Trust was founded by Himalayan Legends on 14 Oct 1989 to restore the Himalayas to their pristine glory However time has made the Himalayas more accessible resulting in over

- crowding. The local way of life has been disrupted; the forests destroyed; tracking trails littered; massive erosion and landslides, The region of eternal snow with its varied flora and fauna is now besieged with serious problems. October 14, 1989 was a landmark in the history of the Himalayan environment when several eminent mountaineers and presidents of mountaineering associations of the Himalayan countries assembled in Hong Kong's Country Club at a glittering function. Here the Himalayan Environment Trust was formally inaugurated. Its Board of Trustees finalized the Aims and Objectives & Plan of Action.

Himalayan Environment Trust (HET) is catalyst in nature, advocates learning and implementation of the same into action. It uses its resources to influence goverments, to raise funds, initiate and support specific projects on micro scales in the areas of concern.
It has adopted a consortium approach whereby all institutions and people, national and international as well as governments, who are competent to contribute, are assimilated towards a common cause.

The HET raised about US$ 50,000 during the inaugural function and since then has been running on a shoe-string budget out of the interest generated by this fund which is being used as a corpus fund.
A few donations are used for International Conferences and the production of HET journals, newsletters and posters.

All funds raised at special functions are fully diverted to specific field projects and are administered by autonomous councils.

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Himalayan Environment Trust


Himalayan Environment Trust

The Himalaya or the Himalayas, as some prefer to call it, is the youngest, the highest and the most

Himalayan Environment Trust

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